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Sharing Our Success with Other Members
of the Hunting Community


Heartland Hunting Consultants offers a variety of hunting experiences. We have personally harvested trophies with all of our outfitters, and would like to share our success with other members of the hunting community. HHC currently offers trophy whitetail and mule deer hunting in Illinois, Kansas, and Nebraska. Each place offers its own unique opportunity to harvest a trophy animal.

The farm country of West-Central Illinois is best known for the huge whitetails that roam the CRP fields and the vast agricultural fields. Our pro staff members were introduced to big buck hunting in this great state and have personal ties to an excellent Illinois outfitter. We have been going to Illinois for 9 years with 100% opportunity on 125” Pope & Young Whitetails. Dozens of Pope & Young bucks have been harvested on our properties and several successful encounters with the “Big Boys” from the Boone & Crockett Club.


Kansas offers our best opportunity to harvest a Boone & Crocket Whitetail with archery equipment. This hunt is for the serious bow hunter only; it requires the hunter to be more concerned with quality of game and less concerned about multiple deer sightings. This hunt takes place during the Kansas rut and a patient hunter has a great opportunity to encounter a
Kansas bruiser.

HHC sent two members of
our pro staff to Kansas in 2006, and both harvested great whitetails.

Our Nebraska hunts take place on more than 60,000 acres. Rifle and archery hunters alike will encounter many animals in the river bottoms of the North Platte River. Nebraska combines tree stand hunting for whitetails and spot and stalk hunting for mulies. This is a great hunt for a person looking for a quality experience, high success, and exceptional numbers of game.

Heartland Hunting Consultants also offers hunts for; bear, turkeys, pheasants, and exotic game. HHC will be sure you have everything you need for a successful hunt. Our goal is to deliver a well prepared hunter, to a trustworthy guide, with realistic expectations, proper gear, and knowledge of their surroundings.




Heartland Hunting Consultants also offers huts for;
bear, turkeys, pheasants, and exotic game

Pro Staff Members

Mike Katlin - President ---------------------------
Anthony Best - Vice-President




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